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Ea Sent loodi aastal 2000 ja on praeguseks tegutsenud 18 aastat.

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EAS Enterprises LLC | World Class Web and Email Hosting

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Provides web hosting on Windows/IIS environment.


E.A.S. Enterprises LLC PO Box 92181 Lakeland, FL 33804-2181 PHONE: 863.858.9719 FAX : 866.740.5966

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  • Millist raha-tagasi garantiid me pakume?
    We don't have any contracts, our billing is month to month. Our guarantee is that we think we're so good you won't want to leave us.
  • Mis on meie keskmine töövõimeaeg?
    Our uptime is extremely good, generally 99.9%. Nobody has 100%. The only time we are down is when we have to perform certain maintenance on the servers which depending on what type of services you have will vary. Generally we do this on Sunday morning very early and outages if any are only a couple minutes.
  • Mis on meie kasutajatoe vastamiskiirus ja mille puhul saab abi?
    We offer phone support during business hours and expedited support via our ticketing system 24x7. Generally response is one hour or less depending on the issue. Sales questions such as this one make take longer. We have limited in house web development capabilities, we can do small updates pretty easily. For complete design we may outsource that but we can get it done for you. Our primary focus is on providing the best managed hosting environment possible, website development is strictly secondary.
  • Kas meil on kuponge või allahindlusi?
    We have a developer program based on referrals. When you bring 5 managed sites you get a free business class site complete as long as those 5 remain. The same again at 20 sites and every 20 there after. You also get a $25 credit for every referred managed site. Managed sites do not include our $10/month hosting. Please check out our packages page http://easent.net/packages/ ... you will find some unique features like free SSL certs in most hosting classes, Free domain registration *with some requirements / restrictions. Most of our hosting is IP based which is a real bonus.
  • Mida saame veel öelda oma ettevõtte ja pakutavate teenuste kohta?
    We are a small company, We've been in business for a long time and intend to be for a long time. As a smaller company we can provide better service because you're not just a number to us.

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