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Kiwi Web Host loodi aastal 2002 ja on praeguseks tegutsenud 16 aastat.

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Kiwi Web Hosting New Zealand

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The Kiwi Web Hosting Company â„¢, New Zealand. Professional, affordable, reliable and honest web hosting and ecommerce solutions for New Zealand.

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Fax: 0800 94 77 84, Email: info@kiwiwebhost.co.nz

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  • Millist raha-tagasi garantiid me pakume?
    As you are not locked into a contract, you can request a refund which is pro-rated on the 'unused portion' of your hosting plan.
  • Mis on meie keskmine töövõimeaeg?
    We do not have a status page for uptime as we provide our services on a 'best effort' basis. With any technology, you will experience some disruptions however, our aim is to get you back online as soon as we possibly can. You can set up RSS Feeds so that you are aware of any issues affecting our servers.
  • Mis on meie kasutajatoe vastamiskiirus ja mille puhul saab abi?
    Support is provided via our 0800 number and email. Our response times are anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. We do not provide an automated response like other hosting companies as at times, depending what may occur within the business, it may not be possible to get back to you in 1 hour for example. Again, it is a 'best effort' service and if you email us, you will get a reply which may include a 'Quick Reply' to advise that it was received and we are investigating the issue further.
  • Mida saame veel öelda oma ettevõtte ja pakutavate teenuste kohta?
    Our servers are located in the same building which means that if there is a 'server issue' then our technicians have access to that equipment. We do encourage customers to be pro-active in self-managing their accounts so that you are familiar with our resources. In addition, we are a subsidiary to iSERVE LTD (http://www.iserve.co.nz) which provides you additional services eg. Windows platform, unlimited email accounts and other resources such as Cloud Hosting (which is more for those customers who are familiar with running their own server). Lastly, we are a friendly bunch and aim to please :o)

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