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Quad Speed I üldine informatsioon

Quad Speed I loodi aastal 2001 ja on praeguseks tegutsenud 17 aastat.


Quad Speed Internet PO Box 61 Hopewell, New Jersey 08525 United States 8774724678 Fax -- 8774724678

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  • Millist raha-tagasi garantiid me pakume?
    I can provide a 1 month moneyback guarantee. If you're not happy and want to cancel, just shoot an e-mail to sales with an explanation of why you want to cancel, and it will not be a hassle.
  • Mis on meie keskmine töövõimeaeg?
    Status page: http://www.quadspeedi.net/?page=network (click each server) Uptimes fluctuate because of hardware/kernel upgrades. We have been in business since 2001 and all of are hardware is top-notch for the industry. We have had servers with uptime of over 3 years, but the uptime is not what's important when it comes to shell hosting. The important factor lies in the amount of time you are able to stay connected to IRC servers without interuption. In this area, we have had clients stay connected to a server for over 4 months. This is almost unheard of.
  • Mis on meie kasutajatoe vastamiskiirus ja mille puhul saab abi?
    We provide basic support, but if you have questions about development, you can ask to see what help I can provide. We typically provide the administrative support for the site. Average response time may vary. We tend to enjoy our weekends, but we are always lurking. If you have a support issue, it's either best to *ask your question in #quadspeedi on efnet and wait for a response* or e-mail support@quadspeedi.net.
  • Kas meil on kuponge või allahindlusi?
    I can do a moneyback guarantee or make the first payment and I will give you the second month free.
  • Mida saame veel öelda oma ettevõtte ja pakutavate teenuste kohta?
    Well, as I said, we have been around since 2001. We started QSI as a hobby, not a business. I think this mentallity has helped us survive the ups and downs (DDoS, kiddies) of shell hosting, while other companies have come and gone.

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