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Top quality Irish web hosting and web design ::: Vade Internet Solutions

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Vade Internet Solutions Ltd, Irelands Hardest working web host, provides top quality Irish web hosting and web development services.


Email: support@vade.ie

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  • Millist raha-tagasi garantiid me pakume?
    We currently do not have a money back guarantee. In the time we have been operating, we have yet to have a dissatisfied customer due to the way we operate. We do not take customers if there is any chance that we will be unable to handle their requests unlike almost everyone in the market. More information is available at http://blog.vade.ie/2008/03/vade-business-restructuring/
  • Mis on meie keskmine töövõimeaeg?
    We decided after our last customer noticeable outage to post outage incidents on our blog at http://blog.vade.ie/. This was 202 days ago. Since then there has been no outages to report. The last outage was less than 15 minutes due to a systems upgrade. Regarding uptime figures, we actually have a detailed explanation of why we don't believe in giving any at http://blog.vade.ie/2008/11/the-up-time-race-and-why-vade-arent-starting/
  • Mis on meie kasutajatoe vastamiskiirus ja mille puhul saab abi?
    All of our packages gain access to the same support team. Responses generally fall within 12 hours max outside of business hours. Inside of business hours, our average time so far this year is under one hour. We can provide assistance in developing a website however this is given at additional cost depending on the questions.
  • Kas meil on kuponge või allahindlusi?
    If you can better advise me of what features you are after, we can probably pass on some set discount. If by two accounts you simply mean two separate websites, then these can hosted on the same account with Vade. I can also extend our MovingHost feature to you at no cost. (http://blog.vade.ie/2009/02/moving-your-site-to-vade/)
  • Mida saame veel öelda oma ettevõtte ja pakutavate teenuste kohta?
    Vade are unique in the method we do business. We are after giving customers the best possible service we can and not after gaining the most customers. We are much happier to gain one happy customer than ten unhappy ones.

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